Zomato introduces period leave for women

In a move which is against all the odds, in a country where a Women is denied entry into the temple if she is on her period, comes a news in right direction from the popular food delivery app Zomato.

What does this mean now?

This would mean that in future we might see many such decisions for a progressive society. This will remove the stigmatic behaviour that has been prevailing in our society. This might not happen immediately but we can hope so in the future.

What can others learn?

Many work places have Men and Women employees. But the ratio in which they are distributed is what baffles me. For example politics in India. We hardly see women leaders. Women have always lead every household in India. They now how to run a family. If India is a family they definitely know how to run the country. Best example is New Zealand’s leader who is a women has been successful in avoiding the pandemic to their country and its been 100 days now.

Lets hope this brings many such changes not just for women, also for men and everyone in the society. Comment out what do you think so.

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