You may pay fine if you wear sandals or flip-flops while riding a geared two-wheeler

Yes, you heard read it right. We all know that new fines are being imposed across the country since September 1, 2019. This is not a new rule but it is now being implemented very strictly and if you are found breaking this rule you may pay 1000/- fine.

So, dear readers if you have a geared two-wheeler, be cautious and wear shoes to avoid fine.

But a question, why do they have this kind of rule? Well the answer is that flip-flops or similar footwear might create difficulty in changing gears or could even result in loss of grip while the vehicle is coming to a halt, resulting in a slip.

We all may argue that we can even change gears with bare foot but we have to obey the rules after all rules are meant for our safety.

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