Where do I learn to code bots?

If you are well versed with API and has some hands-on experience with server-side programming ilke nodejs or php or python , then you could refer Messenger platform guide to build messenger bots.
If you are a newbie to programming, then using a bot engines would be a better option. Once you are familiar with messenger bot, you will be able to build bots on other platforms like telegram, slack etc.

I have listed few bot engines which makes it easy for you to build a bot.


gupshup bot builder







I have built a few bots in messenger. Let me share them if that might help.

e Bhasha Dictionary bot

This is an English-Hindi dictionary bot. Enter any English word and it gives you the corresponding Hindi meaning.

e Bhasha News bot

This bot gives you the daily news updates, you can also subscribe to daily news alerts. This is available in 4 Indian languages(Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu).

e Bhasha Quiz bot

This is a quiz bot that shoots general knowledge questions and is available in 3 Indian Languages(English, Telugu, Hindi ).

e Bhasha Translation bot

This is a translation bot that helps you translate any words or sentences in regional languages. Currently, this bot supports Hindi-Punjabi, Hindi-Urdu, English-Hindi language pairs.

We look forward to building many more bots as such for regional language support to help people eliminate the language barrier.

Happy Learning!

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