TSRTC strike – trouble for common man

Telangana RTC union has decided to go for the strike as their demands were not fulfilled by the government. The major demand immersion of RTC into government has been their main cause of dispute between the committee assigned by the government and RTC union.

However, its the common man who is suffering the most. This is Dussehra festive time everyone who has planned to go to their home place for festival is in trouble due to RTC strike.

Private vehicles are helping to some extent by providing an alternative to RTC but are collecting heavy charges not bearable for middle-class people.

Telangana government warned RTC staff that they might terminate if staff will not join their duties in given time and new recruitments will take place to replace existing ones.

Ultimtely whatever the reasons are but its the common man shuffering due to the RTC strike. As a common voice of people we request governemnt and TSRTC to have talks and call off strike as soon as possible and help people reach their destinations during this festive season.

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