Translation platform or Tools for Indian Languages


Translation platform often confused with Translation software is a tool or a platform that aids a translator to use computer aided resources that are required to translate source language text into target language text.

While a translation software provides the possible Machine Translation of a source language text based on how its build where there is no human intervention.

This machine translated output is most likely to be present in non publishable quality. Means a human translator is needed to verify the machine generated translation and edit it so that the translation is perfect and publishable.

In today’s world there are many translation platforms that support human translators to translate text at greater speeds and deliver high quality translation with publishable quality.

European languages are very well supported with these kind of translation platforms. An Ideal translation platform should consist of the following features that can enable a translator to deliver high quality translation.

Ideal Features:

  • Integrated with Multiple Machine Translation engines that helps a translator to choose the most relevant text from machine and then edit to improve its quality.
  • Availability of bilingual dictionaries or synonym dictionaries or Terminologies or Glossaries etc..
  • Translation Memory to aid the translator if a sentence is already translated.
  • Transliteration to write foreign words in target language.
  • Concordance search to search for some text in wide variety of available corpora.
  • Name Entity identification and Terminology identification.
  • Powerful target language spell checker.
  • Ability to add user’s dictionary or existing Translation Memory.
One such tool that can help translators to deliver high quality publishable content is Transzaar.