Translation Memory Exchange (TMX)

Translation Memory Exchange or TMX is an xml file format for storing translation units for the exchange of translation memory data between computer-aided translation and localization tools with little or no loss of critical data.

<tmx version="1.4">
    creationtool="PyTool" creationtoolversion="1.01-023"
    datatype="PlainText" segtype="sentence"
    adminlang="en-us" srclang="en"
      <tuv xml:lang="en">
        <seg>Hello world!</seg>
      <tuv xml:lang="te">
        <seg>ప్రపంచానికి నమస్కారం</seg>

This is how a sample TMX file looks. Here I have given an example of English->Telugu translation Memory.

Translation Memory is useful in the following ways:

  • To recollect a past translation that has already been done and added to Translation Memory database.
  • Fuzzy search in Translation Memory helps to find out similar translations that can aid a translator.

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