Not the strike RTC is at the brink of its end

Telangana CM KCR said it is meaningless for the union to go into a strike in a period where they could have earned more profits during the festival season.

If they(Unions) feel really responsible they won’t go into strike keeping in mind the need of common man. He also said that he had increased their salaries by 67% in the span of 4 years which constitutes an average of 50K per month to each employee in the RTC. After giving such a handful of salaries going into the strike with unreasonable demands is useless and his government his helpless.

CM KCR also reminded that his government-sanctioned 400+ crores in the current financial year in the allocated budget of 550 crores. In the next 5 days, there is going to be a decision to permit new buses onto roads which will run full-fledged after the decision will come into effect.

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