May 5th KCR press meet key points

Below are the key points that the Telangana Cabinet has decided for the upcoming lock-down 3.0 which has come with some relaxations.

  • Lock-down extended till May 29.
  • Night curfew to go on as is in all places, regardless of zones.
  • Sale of liquor allowed in all places expect the one termed as contaminated zones.
  • All agricultural related works shall be allowed.
  • All construction related works.
  • Only essential and grocery stores to be open in Red zone.
  • All shops can be opened in green zone.
  • Odd/Even method or 50% shops can be opened in municipalities to avoid crowding.
  • Stamps and registrations department will carry on its work.
  • Migrant labours being transported to their places in a step by step process.
  • Also 1 crore masks distribution will be carried by Health department.
  • People need to mandatorily wear masks and follow physical distancing when buying essentials or wines or simply when people step out from your house they need to wear a mask.
  • There would be a review meeting on May 15th and decide on the situation whether to give more relaxations or tighten the lockdown rules.

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