IPL to start tonight at 7:30PM. All you need to know.

People in the India and all over the world especillay fans of cricket and IPL are eagerly waiting for the first match. The most important thing is that Dhoni is playing his match at 7:30PM today after announcing retirement from 7:29hrs.

For non cricket fans let me explain, IPL has 8 teams, each team plays with other teams twice and the end of league stage top 4 teams qualify for the playoffs.

Playoffs is a unique format unlike Semi-Finals, top 2 teams wold get a chance if they loose the qualifier match. There are 3 matches in Playoffs, first Qualifier is played between Q1 and Q2, an eliminator played between Q3 and Q4. The winner of the eliminator match from either of Q3/Q4 will play against the looser of first qualifier match from either of Q1/Q2. This will be the second qualifier match and we will get the second finalist.

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