How is TSRTC strike affecting common man?

Telangana RTC strike has been going on since October 5th and it has hit the common man the most. For example, a software engineer working in the Financial district gachibowli Wipro office traveling from Seethaphalmandi earlier used to travel by MMTS and then a bus from lingampally railway station to Wipro circle which would charge 15rs/- for bus and then 10Rs/- for the train ticket.

But now due to the strike one has to take a share auto from Lingampally Railway station to DLF which autos are demanding from Rs. 20 to 30./- and then Rs.20/- from DLF to Wipro circle. This is 3 times of what originally would have been.

This is not just about one employee but many employees who work in a wage group of 10000 to 20000 are the worst hit since most of their salary is spent on traveling where earlier they would have just used their bus pass which was under just 1000 for a month.

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