Happy Engineer’s day. Google wishes engineers in its own style

Google posted something like below in its facebook page today to wish engineers.

So when you search for the highlighted text in Google’ search engine. This is what you get.

Very interesting isn’t it? A love graph, a very unique way of wishing the engineers. You can try it out by yourself by clicking this link https://www.google.com/search?channel=fs&client=ubuntu&q=sqrt%28cos%28x%29%29*cos%28300x%29%2Bsqrt%28abs%28x%29%29-0.7%29*%284-x*x%29%5E0.01%2C+sqrt%286-x%5E2%29%2C+-sqrt%286-x%5E2%29+from+-4.5+to+4.5


We from Gnyanhub wish you a very Happy Engineer’s day.

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