Dear parents, why are you celebrating your kids brithday?

These days (past 10 years) there has been a steady increase in the number of celebrations for kids birthdays. No, I don’t have any stats on that this, but this is just from my personal observation.

So dear parents, just ask your selves why do you celebrate it? In this blog post, I will tell you what you have been doing wrong as a parent. Scroll on to read what and why.

As a kid when it is my birthday, I remember my parents would tell me to wake up early, take a head bath, put on your new dress, go and visit a temple. Mom makes your favorite dish and if your birthday falls in the summer holidays you would spend some quality time with your parents, if not you go to school and distribute chocolates to your classmates and teachers. That’s how it used to be. No parties, cake cuttings, etc. Only once in a blue moon some rich kid would blow up candles and cut the cake.

But these days parents think that cake cutting and inviting all your friends and relatives for your kid’s birthday is more important than keeping your child happy. They say that what if they grow up and ask me why didn’t they celebrate their birthday. Now, hold on a second, is that a true celebration?

Putting off lights by blowing away the candles on your birthday is a celebration? Eating something like a cake is real happiness? Okay for fairness I know kids love cake but is it necessary that all the neighborhood is invited? Imagine someone you invited can’t afford all these and when they return to their homes they ask their parents to do it exactly the same way. Imagine what would those parents feel like.

I had observed in many parties cake is not eaten, it is spread on people’s faces. Seriously? if you have so much money where you can waste it on someone else’s face donate that amount to a charity or someone in need.

So parents, if you cannot convince your child to not celebrate birthday parties every year then how do you think your child will listen to you when it matters the most? Instead, take your kid and spend some quality time with them. They will absolutely love it. Or buy them something useful and fruitful.

So this my suggestion, if you still want to celebrate your kid’s birthday make some simple yet delicious food, call your closed ones with one whom you think your child will love and happy to be with. Have it along with them and you can also distribute to the people who eat once in a day or two. This way your kid will learn how to treat others and also know that there are rich and poor people in this world. Also, it means that you are making a good society when your kids grow up and help the poor.

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  1. That’s really true… Perhaps, they can celebrate at an orphanage or old age home and donate something that they are in need of.
    No offence, that’s my personal opinion.

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