Cricket’s most infamous event

Did you know that Sachin Tendulkar the most iconic cricketer in Indian cricket has to face a ban for a test match due to ball tampering allegations?

Shocked isn’t it. But the decision was soon overturned by ICC after media outage in Indian subcontinent and the threat of World cricket being divided into two just because of this. Not just Sachin, 5 more cricketers were banned for excessive appealing.

This incident didn’t go well with India and demanded the ban of that referee which I dont want to mention(you can just Google it). Yes BCCI was successful in lifting the ban of all the cricketers except Virender Sehwag which ICC denied. BCCI also moved on with it for friendly relation ship with other Cricket bodies.

This happened during the 2nd test match of India tour of South Africa in 2001. Later Sachin Tendulkar wrote in his book about the incident that he was just cleaning the mud on the seam of the ball but not tampering it.

So we just hope that referees are much more careful in deciding whats wrong and right to have a fair play of international cricket matches.

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