Creating a backup of installed Ubuntu (ISO image)

1. Download Relinux 0.2 from

2. Create a folder “relinux” on Desktop and extract the content from the above link to this folder.

3. To install, simply type this into a Terminal window( Read file relinux/INSTALL on Desktop for instructions):

  sudo cp -R usr etc /

4. After you have installed it, look at Desktop/relinux/usr/share/doc/relinux/README.
   Type this into a Terminal window to generate the configuration file:

  cp /etc/relinux/relinux.conf ./relinux.conf
  sed -i 's:EXCLUDES="\(.*\)":EXCLUDES="\1 '`readlink -f ./relinux.conf`'":g' ./relinux.conf

5. Install Dependencies for Relinux :

sudo apt-get install libdebian-installer4 casper ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk discover-config xresprobe tree dialog

6. Copy  the file Desktop/relinux/etc/relinux/relinux/splash/splash.png to Desktop

Edit relinux.conf for customisation from Desktop/relinux/

Replace the following line




7. Type the following command in terminal:

 sudo relinux squashfs ./relinux.conf

8. Type the following command to prepare an iso file.

sudo relinux onlyiso ./relinux.conf

Reference Video link :

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