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Common Mistakes Employees Make in an Online Meet

In today’s digital age, online meetings have become a common occurrence in the workplace. With the convenience of virtual communication tools, employees can connect with colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world. However, these online meetings come with their own set of challenges, and many employees often make common mistakes that hinder the productivity and effectiveness of these virtual gatherings. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common mistakes employees make in an online meet and provide tips to avoid them.

Mic Muting Mishaps

One of the most widespread mistakes employees make in online meetings is forgetting to mute their microphones when not speaking. This can result in background noise, interruptions, and distractions, making it difficult for others to focus on the discussion. From barking dogs to clattering dishes, the ambient sounds can disrupt the flow and clarity of the meeting.

To avoid this mistake, it is essential to get into the habit of muting your microphone when you’re not actively participating. Additionally, if you have a noisy environment or if you anticipate interruptions, consider investing in a headset with a built-in noise-canceling feature. This will help eliminate unwanted background noise and ensure a smoother and more productive meeting experience for all participants.

Background Noise Blunders

Another common mistake employees make during online meetings is not paying attention to their surroundings, resulting in background noise that distracts others. Whether it’s a loud television or a construction site just outside your window, such noise can be disruptive and make it challenging to hear and comprehend what others are saying.

To minimize background noise, make sure you choose a quiet and controlled environment for your virtual meetings. Find a well-insulated room with minimal distractions and inform your household members about the meeting to prevent any unnecessary disturbances. Additionally, consider using headphones or earphones to enhance audio quality and reduce the chance of external noise interfering with the conversation.

Lack of Preparation

Being unprepared is a common mistake that can significantly impact the productivity of an online meeting. Without proper preparation, you may struggle to contribute meaningfully to the discussion and waste valuable time for yourself and others.

To avoid this mistake, create a meeting agenda or outline beforehand and ensure you have all the necessary information and documents ready. Familiarize yourself with the meeting’s purpose, objectives, and any materials that will be discussed. Come prepared with your own insights, questions, or suggestions to make the meeting more engaging and productive. By investing time in preparation, you can actively contribute to the conversation and help achieve the meeting’s goals.

Technical Troubles

Technical difficulties can be a major stumbling block in online meetings, disrupting the flow and causing frustration for everyone involved. Common technical issues include poor internet connectivity, software glitches, and hardware malfunctions.

To minimize technical troubles, make sure you have a stable internet connection before joining the meeting. Consider using a wired connection instead of relying solely on Wi-Fi if possible. Keep your software and hardware up to date and test your audio and video equipment before the meeting to ensure they are functioning properly. If you encounter any technical issues during the meeting, remain patient and inform the host or IT support to resolve the problem promptly.

Lack of Engagement

In an online meet, it’s effortless to lose engagement and become passive listeners, especially if the meeting is not well-structured or lacks active participation. Employees often make the mistake of multitasking or getting distracted by other things, resulting in a lack of focus and reduced collaboration.

To combat this mistake, actively participate in the meeting by asking questions, sharing ideas, or contributing to the discussion. Avoid distractions by closing unnecessary tabs or applications and dedicating your full attention to the meeting. Take notes and follow up on action items assigned to you or others. By staying engaged, you can foster a more collaborative and productive environment for everyone involved.


As virtual meetings continue to be an integral part of the modern workplace, it is crucial for employees to be aware of the common mistakes that can hamper the effectiveness of these online gatherings. Remember to mute your microphone when not speaking, choose a quiet environment, come prepared, tackle technical issues proactively, and actively engage in the discussion. By avoiding these common mistakes and adopting best practices, employees can ensure that online meetings are efficient, productive, and successful.

Ready to take your online meeting skills to the next level? Don’t forget to check out our other resources on effective communication, virtual collaboration tools, and remote work strategies. Together, let’s make every online meet a seamless and productive experience!

Hyderabad TSRTC bus numbers and routes

Aim of this page is to maintain a updated bus route numbers of Hyderabad city busses.

Route numberSource DestinationVia
1JSecunderabadJiyagudaMusheerabad, RTC X Roads, Koti, MGBS.
2JSecunderabadJiyagudaMusheerabad, RTC X Roads, VST, Kacheguda Railways Station
3JKushaigudaJiyagudaECIL, Tarnaka, Kacheguda Railways Station
5KSecunderabadMeddipatnamClock tower, tank bund
86JSecunderabadJiyagudaSeethaphalmandi, Warasiguda, Jamai Osmania, Koti,, MGBS
107J/SSecunderabadSaroornagarSeethaphalmandi, Warasiguda, Jamai Osmania, Ramnagar Gundu, Amberpet, Moosarambhag, Dilsukhnagar
107J/LSecunderabadLB NagarSeethaphalmandi, Warasiguda, Jamai Osmania, Ramnagar Gundu, Amberpet, Moosarambhag, Dilsukhnagar, Kottapet
107V/RSecunderabadDilsukhnagarMusheerabad, RTC X Roads, Ramnagar X Roads, Ramnagar Gundu, Amberpet, Moosarambhag.
107V/SSecunderabadSaroornagarMusheerabad, RTC X Roads, Ramnagar X Roads, Ramnagar Gundu, Amberpet, Moosarambhag, Dilsukhnagar
107V/LSecunderabadLB NagarMusheerabad, RTC X Roads, Ramnagar X Roads, Ramnagar Gundu, Amberpet, Moosarambhag, Dilsukhnagar, Kottapet
49MSecunderabadMehdipatnamPatny center, Paradise, Begumpet, Panjagutta, Banjara Hills, Masabtank
49SecunderabadNampally Patny center, Paradise, Begumpet, Khairtabad, Lakdikapul
10WSecunderbaadWaverockPatny center, Paradise, Begumpet, Ameerpet, SR Nagar, Madhapur, HitechCity, Gachibowli
10KSecunderbaadKondapurPatny center, Paradise, Begumpet, Ameerpet, SR Nagar, Madhapur, HitechCity
16ASecunderbaadECIL X RoadsMettiguda
17SSecunderbaadKushaigudaTarnaka, ECIL X Roads
18VSecunderabad West Venkatreddy nagarTarnaka, Habsiguda, Ramanthapur
280Secunderabad GhatkesarTarnaka, Habsiguda, Uppal, Jodimetla
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Social rules/conventions that will help you become a better person

  • Don’t call someone more than twice continuously, they might be busy with something. Respect their time by assuming it something very important.
  • If you have borrowed money from someone return it even before they ask you. It shows your integrity and commitment. Same goes with any thing or a gadget that you might have borrowed.
  • Try not to order an expensive dish from the menu when someone else is paying.
  • be nice
  • Always open the door for the person behind you no matter whoever it is.
  • If your friend/colleague pays for any bill in restaurant or cab just try to pay it the next time.
  • Respect others opinions no matter what you think of them.
  • Never interrupt people while they are speaking, let the complete it and hear it out, suggests you are a good listener and willing to listen and understand them.
  • Saying thank you when someone helps you will not make you poorer. Its a way of saying you are thankful to them.
  • Don’t comment on someone’s appearance unless they are very close to you and they don’t feel bad about you talking about it.
  • Treat everyone with same manner no matter who it might be, the CEO or cleaner.
  • When someone is speaking to you, looking into your phone is considered rude. Avoid it.
  • Never swipe left or right on someone else’s phone when they are showing something to you. Respect their privacy.

C program to add two integers and find their sum

In this C program we are going to take two integer inputs from the user then add it display its sum on the screen.

int main(){

    //below line declares two integers to add and one integer to store the sum
    int number1, number2, sum;

    //let the user know to enter two integers
    printf("Enter two integers");

    //now let us take the input from the user 
    scanf("%d %d", &number1, &number2);

    //now add the two integers
    sum = number1 + number2;

    //print the sum below
    printf("Sum of %d + %d is %d\n", number1, number2, sum);
    return 0;

The above code will take inputs from user and add those numbers and display their sum.

The output will look like below

There is a video tutorial doing the same.

Penguin(2020) – Telugu movie review

Penguin was released in OTT platform Amazon Prime. It has Keerthy Suresh as the lead role. This movie comes under the genre Thriller.

Trailer of the movie

Since this is a thriller movie one cannot reveal much about the details but the quality of it. Overall the movie is good. The only thing is that the investigation/suspect element will seem a bit dragged towards the end.

If you are a fan of suspense movies you might be able to easily predict the surprise from the movie, but there is always a twist. For Telugu audience all characters seem new except for the lead role. The only negative is that the movie is not so engaging at times due to slow progress. Otherwise it has enough suspect element to glue the audience to the chair.

rating – 3.25/5

Note: *This review is purely based on personal opinion and doesn’t intend to criticise any person/entity.

Python – Understanding how strings work with examples

In this tutorial I will let you know how to use strings in Python. In Python we can declare a string in either double quotes or single quotes. Both are same. Like the following way.

s1 = "This is string s1"
s2 = 'This is string s2' 

So here in above example both s1 and s2 are strings and work the same way.

Also strings are like arrays i.e each character can be accessed using its index. Like s[0], s[1]… just like how lists work. The following are valid operations.

print("s3[0]= ", s3[0])
print("s3[0:10]= ", s3[0:10])

Now if we know to access index we also might need to know the length of the string. So len() is a predefined function that gives us the length. Following are valid operations.

s1_len = len(s1)
s2_len = len(s2)
print("s1-len = %s, s2-len = %s, s3-len = %s"%(s1_len, s2_len))

To concatenate two strings we use + operator just like adding two numbers.

s3 = s1 + ' ' + s2 #this is string concatenation


Convert string to integer. Now we might arrive at a case where a string variable has number in it, but you want to convert it into number to do numeral operations. So the following code will do the same.

#convert a string into integer
print("string to int conversion")

s5 = '10' # is a string, not a number
print("s5-type=", type(s5), "value=", s5)  #here you cannot do numerical operations like addition/substraction etc on s5 variable because it is a string

num = int(s5)
print("num-type=", type(num), "value=", num) #now you can do numerical operations like addition/substraction etc on num variable

Overall code for strings that you can just copy, run and play with.

# in python a string can be given in as many ways as following

s1 = "This is string s1"
s2 = 'This is string s2' 
s3 = ""
s4 = s1 + ' ' + s2 #this is string concatenation

print(s1,s2, s3, s4, sep='\n')
#Notice the sep='\n', it will seperated each variable with new line(it can be '\t' also, by default its space)

print("to print length of string")

s1_len = len(s1)
s2_len = len(s2)
s3_len = len(s3)
s4_len = len(s4)

print("s1-len = %s, s2-len = %s, s3-len = %s, s4-len = %s"%(s1_len, s2_len, s3_len, s4_len))

#string are sequence of characters like arrays(but not array), but each
#character in the string can be accessed like array using indices

print("s4[0]= ", s4[0])
print("s4[0:10]= ", s4[0:10])

#convert a string into integer
print("string to int conversion")

s5 = '10' # is a string, not a number
print("s5-type=", type(s5), "value=", s5)  #here you cannot do numerical operations like addition/substraction etc on s5 variable because it is a string

num = int(s5)
print("num-type=", type(num), "value=", num) #now you can do numerical operations like addition/substraction etc on num variable

python if else condition and indentation – python code for if else

In this article we will see how to use if else condition in python(python3). In python everything is indeneted esepcially conditions and loops with spaces or tabs. And these spaces and tabs are uniform accross the program. If the number of spaces/tabs is violated it is a syntax error.

So this is a simple example of if else block. Note the indentation and colon. Below you can see more examples.

If Elif Else:

Now if else statement with many examples:

You can find the all the above examples in the below code:

# this program is for indentation and if else

# here i am declaring two variables

a = 5
b = 6

print("Value of a is %d, b is %d" %(a, b))

#change the above variables with many possibulites and see what it will print

#now lets test if a is greater or b is greater


if( a > b):
    print("a is greater than b")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want
    print("b is greater than a")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want

#in the above code block if a is greater than b then if condition will be true and the statement underneath will execute
#else statemnets under else will be executed        

#now what if there are many if conditions for ex: a>b, a<b, a==b etc


if ( a > b):
    print("a is greater than b")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want
elif (a < b):
    print("b is greater than a")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want
    print(" both are equal")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want

if ( a > b):
    print("a is greater than b")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want
elif (a < b):
    print("b is greater than a")
elif(a == b):
    print("a and b are equal")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want
    print("all the conditions failed")
    #here you can write as many statements as you want

#example4 more complex if else statements

name = 'Manisha'
salary = 10000    #change this value and play with it

if(salary > 50000):
    print("Salary of %s is %d" %(name,salary))
    print("So she will buy a car")
    print("She will buy a house")
    print("She will not give parties")
    print("Salary of %s is %d" %(name,salary))
    print("She will try for new job")
    print("She will not give parties")

Review – The Fault In Our Stars

A heart touching love story of two cancer victims. The plot revolves around how two teenagers meet each other, become friends and eventually fall in love despite facing all the odds to fight against their cancer.

Hazel grace, a young girl with Thyroid cancer spread to her lungs, has no friends and feels depressed owing to the fact that this cancer will end her life soon. She always reads novels of her favorite writer,Van Houten(who’s known to be in Amsterdam). Worried about Hazel, her parents joins her in a support group.

Here she meets Augustus, a handsome basket ball player who has bone cancer in his right leg, but appears to make a full recovery. Augustus asks Hazel on a series of dates where they get to know about each other. Ofcourse, she mentions about her favorite writer and how she always dreamt of meeting him.

As they are travel in their relationship, Augustus’s deeds makes Hazel fall in love with him. This brings a positive change in Hazel and gives her a hope in life.

One day, Augustus throws a big suprise at Hazel – with the help of Make a Wish foundation, he manages to arrange a trip to Amsterdam to meet her favorite writer. What happens rest is tale of pure love and emotion that would wrench your heart.

Final Verdict: Well, if you like romantic drama genre, this movie is worth watching and once you watch it, believe me, this will be on your all time favorite list.

*This review is purely based on personal opinion and doesn’t intend to criticize any person/entity.