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15 year old Bihar girl cycles her father for a 1200 km ride

There are have been many astonishing incidents that happened in country due to lock-down like the walking of the poor migrants from one state to another. But this news takes it to another level where a 15 year girl rides along with her father on cycle for a 1200 KM long journey from Delhi to Bihar.

So like every lower class citizen in the country has become unemployed due to lock-down, this girls father also lost his only livelihood of driving auto-rickshaw. Due to lock-down and requirement of money for eating, shelter has become unbearable for them.

So she decided to do the unthinkable. She cycled all the way taking his father on the cycle, who reportedly is known to have a injured leg.

After this incident came to light Cycle federation has given a call for the trails with them. Also many celebrities are pouring in their support through social media. This one incident proves that no matter what it is, the worst will bring the best out of you.

Comment what do you think of it.

These is what allowed in Lock down 4.0

So the below picture will give us a summary of what allowed and not allowed in lockdown 4.0

  • In Telangana autos can run with (1+2) seating, cabs can run with (1+3) seating.
  • RTC busses will run across states but not in city.
  • All shops can be opened but odd/even rule followed in Hyderabad.
  • All are green zones, everything is lock down in containment zones.
  • Public/Private organisations can run with 100% staff.
  • Night curfew will be as it is.
  • All shops/busses whoever is running business will have to maintain strict measures like wearing of mask, sanitiser in shops/busses, social distancing etc. If violated of wearing mask 1000/- fine will be charged.

And as always social media has its say in its own way. Have a look at them and maintain smile.

Ready to go saloon:

While going on a bike:

Another one on saloon:

For shop keepers:

Fine of 1000/ if you not wear a mask:\

Finally be safe

Working From Home?

When you know that lockdown is extended again.

Tik Tok rating falls dramatically to under 2 after ban TikTok trends in twitter

The famous social media app TikTok has witnessed a dramatic fall in its ratings in PlayStore after ban in TikTok was trending in twitter.

After going through the twitter trending tweets it is found that Tik Tok moderation is not up-to the mark allowing rape, abuse etc on women.

There have been videos shared widely across social media that seems what is like promoting rape. Users were quick to respond and asked for a ban of the app in the country.

This is not the first time that this app has faced criticism for its content.

Jacinda Ardern Newzealand’s current primi minister is the most popular PM in a Century

According to a poll, the current PM of New Zealand is the most popular PM in a century. This comes after the lock down restrictions were lifted nearly after a month but still some social measures are being implemented.

The credit goes to the PM because the country was able to control the pandemic better than almost any country. New Zealand was witnessing a significant decrease in number of new cases.

She is now the role model for many people out there and no doubt many countries people would want a PM of such calibre in tackling disasters like she did.

Liquor during crisis time/ lock-down? Here is why states are opting for Liquor despite it is unhealthy

Many states have started the sale of liquor in the lock-down 3.0, that’s when many thought it was not a good decision during the pandemic. So let us have a look at why the states have started this.

Firstly due to lock-down all states revenue has fallen to almost nothing. So where do they get revenue from. There is an images from Times of India that breakdowns the various sources of income that a state gets.

So we can see in the above image state own tax revenue is about 46%. That 46% comprises of State GST, VAT(fuel), Excise(liquor), Property, Vehicles etc. So we all know that during lock-down many automobiles reported zero sales which means there is no vehicle tax. Also people are staying in home which means very less fuel taxes. No sales of property also.

So a government will think to boost its economy will go for liquor since all the others are more risky than this one and they get good revenues. Also many governments have already increased taxes on liquor so that less people buy it. Also governments like Telangana warned people that if the physical distancing norms are not followed then no liquor would be on sale with immediate effect.

So actually governments must try to boost their economies. Some ways include increasing tax on petrol/diesel since these prices went into negative due to no demand. Also salary cuts for government employees is another option. Cost cutting wherever possible which can be either delayed or cancelled for time being so that we can go further when the economy is good.

If you are reading this article, please suggest in comment section the ways government can increase their revenues.

Vocal for Local does not mean ban on foreign products.

It was on May 12 that our PM announced to public the slogan “Vocal for local”. Soon it went viral on social media and people misread(or rather misunderstood as ban of foreign products).

What it meant was support for local products to make our country indigenous. That is what “Athma Nirbhar” meant meaning self reliant. But people misunderstood it to something like ban foreign products. Why is this not a good way to analyse? Because a sudden ban on foreign products is almost impossible.

We are using many things that are foregin products. For example take Maggi its not made in India. Most of us like it very much. Now a sudden ban on that product means there should be a well known brand and people should like it immediately no matter what it tastes like forcing customers to switch habits. This sometimes works but many times it fails because switching is hard and if there is no proper replacement the replaced product that was made in India will incur a huge loss eventually leading to its closure. This change will be gradual and cannot be reflected immediately like switching off or on a fan switch.

There is another side effect of banning foreign product. If we ban foreign products even foreign countries will ban our products. That is a huge loss to our economy. We don’t want that to happen. So dear social media users don’t spread false meanings extracted from such news like some Media does it.

Government today already announced that going local does not mean we are getting isolated from the world. It means we are being more self reliant so that in a situation like now we are in will help our economy to not fall completely apart.

Self Reliant and Vocal for Local are the key takeaways from Modi’s address to people on May 12

In his address to nation honourable PM Narendra Modi said going local is the new norm for the coming days. Below are key points that are to be noted in his speech.

  • 20,000 Lack Crore Package that is almost 10% of our country’s GDP to boost vocal for local.
  • This package would cover almost entirely all sectors in the country to boost the economy and help poor and middle class that is hard hit by the lock-down.
  • Lock-down 4.0 after May 17 will be implemented with new rules.
  • All the new rules and norms will be announced before May 18th.
  • The decision to extend the lock-down was taken after the virtual meeting with all Chief Ministers of the states.

May 5th KCR press meet key points

Below are the key points that the Telangana Cabinet has decided for the upcoming lock-down 3.0 which has come with some relaxations.

  • Lock-down extended till May 29.
  • Night curfew to go on as is in all places, regardless of zones.
  • Sale of liquor allowed in all places expect the one termed as contaminated zones.
  • All agricultural related works shall be allowed.
  • All construction related works.
  • Only essential and grocery stores to be open in Red zone.
  • All shops can be opened in green zone.
  • Odd/Even method or 50% shops can be opened in municipalities to avoid crowding.
  • Stamps and registrations department will carry on its work.
  • Migrant labours being transported to their places in a step by step process.
  • Also 1 crore masks distribution will be carried by Health department.
  • People need to mandatorily wear masks and follow physical distancing when buying essentials or wines or simply when people step out from your house they need to wear a mask.
  • There would be a review meeting on May 15th and decide on the situation whether to give more relaxations or tighten the lockdown rules.

Using the Zoom app has serious security issues

If you are using Zoom app to connect with your colleagues/friends/ for online video calls, then you have to read this.

If sources are to be believed, this app has serious security features like your session can get hacked and also your private information is also at serious risk ready to be sold in dark web.

So if you or someone close to you is using zoom app you may try to inform them.


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