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Happy Engineer’s day. Google wishes engineers in its own style

Google posted something like below in its facebook page today to wish engineers.

So when you search for the highlighted text in Google’ search engine. This is what you get.

Very interesting isn’t it? A love graph, a very unique way of wishing the engineers. You can try it out by yourself by clicking this link*cos%28300x%29%2Bsqrt%28abs%28x%29%29-0.7%29*%284-x*x%29%5E0.01%2C+sqrt%286-x%5E2%29%2C+-sqrt%286-x%5E2%29+from+-4.5+to+4.5*x%29%5E0.01%2C+sqrt%286-x%5E2%29%2C+-sqrt%286-x%5E2%29+from+-4.5+to+4.5

We from Gnyanhub wish you a very Happy Engineer’s day.

Unlock 4: More passenger trains are ready to get green signal

As unlock 4 has started Indian Railways is trying to run more trains for passengers across India. But these trains will be only with in states as opposed to the current ones being run for long distances mostly bound with the capital New Delhi.

However these trains will run only after consulting the corresponding state goverments, after which state governments and Railways will be on same line.

Then they can decide on what trains can they run and timings based on state govt suggestions. Also a state government has power to completely deny the running of these trains according to the guidelines.

#ResignNirmala trends in Twitter after India records its worst GDP growth rate of -23.9% in this quarter

This is how twitter reacted when the news about -23.9% GDP growth rate has came out.

Dream11 to sponsor for IPL 2020

In the latest news today Dream11 is the new sponsor for IPL 2020.

It was very recently announced that VIVO has been discontuning from the IPL sponsorship.

BCCI would feel its a fair deal to get in less time. Initially rumors were that JIO or Patanjali might get the sponsorship but Dream11 has come out of syllabus.

Zomato introduces period leave for women

In a move which is against all the odds, in a country where a Women is denied entry into the temple if she is on her period, comes a news in right direction from the popular food delivery app Zomato.

What does this mean now?

This would mean that in future we might see many such decisions for a progressive society. This will remove the stigmatic behaviour that has been prevailing in our society. This might not happen immediately but we can hope so in the future.

What can others learn?

Many work places have Men and Women employees. But the ratio in which they are distributed is what baffles me. For example politics in India. We hardly see women leaders. Women have always lead every household in India. They now how to run a family. If India is a family they definitely know how to run the country. Best example is New Zealand’s leader who is a women has been successful in avoiding the pandemic to their country and its been 100 days now.

Lets hope this brings many such changes not just for women, also for men and everyone in the society. Comment out what do you think so.

All you need to know about the new Education policy

Government of India has made some changes to the country’s Education policy. These are some major changes and from the outset personally it seems they might improve the education system in India. After reading the article comment below to voice your opinion.

Key points:

  1. Mandatory medium of instruction to be ether in mother tongue or regional language till grade 5 and preferably till grade 8.
  2. 6% of GDP allocation to education sector against the previous 2%(=~1.7%)
  3. The present 10+2 structure will be changed to 5+3+3+4.
  4. Assessment through exams only in classes 3, 5 and 8 but not every year. Other years will take into consideration the parameters like Analytical skills, conceptual clarity and critical thinking.
  5. Students will have the flexibility of choosing subjects.
  6. Every student will be encouraged to learn at least one vocational skill.
  7. Schools will now have bagless days to encourage activities like arts, quizzes, sports etc.
  8. Common entrance for university examinations.
  9. Report card will not just have their marks but also their skills.
  10. Coding to be introduced from class 6th.

Below are the main differences from the current education policy:

Old policyNew Education policy
3.1 % of GDP in budget allocation.6% of GDP allocation in budget
Old schooling structure was 10+2Now its 5+3+3+4
Bachelor program has 3 years and Master’s has 2 years5 years integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s study
Separate entrance test for admission into various universitiesCommon entrance examination for admission into universities
Medium of instruction depends on administration Medium of instruction is mandated to mother tongue/home language until class 5 or preferably until class 8
Vocational skills training was limited By 2025 at least 50% of learners to have exposure on vocational skills.
Coding is introduced after 10th grade depending on syllabus and education board.Coding will be introduced from 6th grade.
Subjects are fixed in board exams.Students can choose the subjects in board exams.

Thank you for reading.

Hope this new policy changes our countries education system and brings more bright future to our citizens.

Chinese App ban – Here are the alternatives

Government of India has banned 59 chinese apps. It includes top ones like TikTok, Helo, Camscanner etc. Here in this article we provide you with the alternatives that can be used instead of the banned apps.

Here are some replacements

App Lock, Walt are used to lock other apps. Replacements are Smart App Locker, Lock App -Fingerprint, Keep Safe, Nortan App lock, Lock My Pics can be installed to use as locker for your apps.

Many mobiles have UC Browser as the default browser to surf the web. Replacements are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera are the apps you can go for.

To scan documents, photos we use Cam Scanner. If you have uninstalled it you can install Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens, Photo Scan by Google are available to be installed from Play Store. Also apps like Doc Scanner – PDF Creator, Document Scanner – PDF Creator are some of the apps made by India that you can try out.

Below table suggests more such alternatives:

Photo BeautificationYou Cam, Beauty Cam, Beauty PlusPics Art, Adobe Photo Shop, Lite Room, Google snap speed, B 612
Video EditingViva Video, Viva Cut, FilmoraKine Master, Adobe Premier Clip, Magisto
Video ConferencingZoomGoogle Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Duo, WhatsApp Call, Say Namaste.
Video SharingTikTok, Vigo Video, Helo, LikeRoposo, Dubsmash, Periscope
File SharingShare IT, ZenderShare files, Files By Google
AntivirusOne SecurityAVG, Avast, Norton
KeyboardGo Keyboard, Mint KeyboardGoogle Indic Keyboard, G Board, Ginger Keyboard, Microsoft Swift Keyboard
DictionaryU DictionaryOxford dictionary, Google Translate
Word/ExcelWP OfficeMicrosoft Office, Only Office
SecurityApplock, WaltSmart App Locker, Lock App -Fingerprint, Keep Safe, Nortan App lock, Lock My Pics
ScanningCam ScannerAdobe Scan, Microsoft Lens, Photo Scan by Google
BrowserUC BrowserFirefox, Google Chrome, Opera
Table showing alternatives for Chinese Apps

Chennai to implement Lockdown again, Delhi and Telangana say no to another lockdown.

In a recent news as on June 15, Chennai and its three surrounding districts will be in lock-down until end of this month starting from June 19. This desicion comes after team of expert community advise to the Tamilnadu governemnt as these districts have more positive cases.

Also in other news Delhi and Telangana governments reported they will not go into another lock-down. Telangana government now focuses on testing 50K people in Telangana in its 30 assembly constituencies where there are more positive cases.

No exams for 10th Telangana students

Telangana government today took a major decision after the High Court asked the government the possibilities of taking internal assessments into consideration or conducting exams in places other than GHMC, Rangareddy.

So all the students of academic year 2019-2020 of SSC will be passed promoted to next level and grading will be awarded based on their internal assessment conducted earlier.

Also the inputs from various states that have awarded the grades in similar fashion will be taken into consideration. As per the shcedule that has been revised after lock down exams are to be conducted from June 8th, but on the same day the decision to cancel exams came out.

Here is what social media says about that: