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Burn an image file(ISO) to CD/DVD in linux

There are plenty of tools available in open source to burn an ISO file to CD/DVD. But, that has to get you through the hassle of downloading and installing the tools.

In most of  the linux derivatives, you can burn the ISO file to disc in command line itse ilf. All you have to do is execute the following command in your terminal and you are all good to go.

$ growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/sr0=/Path_to_iso_file


$ growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/sr0=/home/user_name/Downloads/LinuxMint.iso

Hope this helps 😉

Creating a backup of installed Ubuntu(ISO image)

1. Download Relinux 0.2 from


2. Create a folder “relinux” on Desktop and extract the content from the above link to this folder.

3. To install, simply type this into a Terminal window (Read the file relinux/INSTALL on Desktop for instructions):

$ sudo cp -R usr etc /

4. After you have installed it, look at Desktop/relinux/usr/share/doc/relinux/README.

Type this into a Terminal window to generate the configuration file:

$ cp /etc/relinux/relinux.conf ./relinux.conf

$ sed -i 's:EXCLUDES="(.*)":EXCLUDES="1 '`readlink -f ./relinux.conf`'":g' ./relinux.conf

5. Install Dependencies for Relinux :

$ sudo apt-get install libdebian-installer4 casper ubiquity ubiquity-frontend-gtk discover-config xresprobe tree dialog

6. Copy the file

Desktop/relinux/etc/relinux/relinux/splash/splash.png to Desktop

Edit relinux.conf for customisation from Desktop/relinux/

Replace the following line




7. Type the following command in terminal:

$ sudo relinux squashfs ./relinux.conf

8. Type the following command to prepare an iso file.

$ sudo relinux onlyiso ./relinux.conf

Reference Video link :