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Review – The Fault In Our Stars

A heart touching love story of two cancer victims. The plot revolves around how two teenagers meet each other, become friends and eventually fall in love despite facing all the odds to fight against their cancer.

Hazel grace, a young girl with Thyroid cancer spread to her lungs, has no friends and feels depressed owing to the fact that this cancer will end her life soon. She always reads novels of her favorite writer,Van Houten(who’s known to be in Amsterdam). Worried about Hazel, her parents joins her in a support group.

Here she meets Augustus, a handsome basket ball player who has bone cancer in his right leg, but appears to make a full recovery. Augustus asks Hazel on a series of dates where they get to know about each other. Ofcourse, she mentions about her favorite writer and how she always dreamt of meeting him.

As they are travel in their relationship, Augustus’s deeds makes Hazel fall in love with him. This brings a positive change in Hazel and gives her a hope in life.

One day, Augustus throws a big suprise at Hazel – with the help of Make a Wish foundation, he manages to arrange a trip to Amsterdam to meet her favorite writer. What happens rest is tale of pure love and emotion that would wrench your heart.

Final Verdict: Well, if you like romantic drama genre, this movie is worth watching and once you watch it, believe me, this will be on your all time favorite list.

*This review is purely based on personal opinion and doesn’t intend to criticize any person/entity.

Raatchasi a inspring movie you can watch during this lockdown

Raatchasi a Tamil movie rated 7.3 in imdb is a good inspiring movie to watch. The lead actress Jyotika joins a government school as Head Master and there after turns the school’s fate that would cross anyone’s imagination.

This movie portrays what you can do for love and also the success that can be achieved if you have will power. Private school owner acts as villain not a bad one because he doesn’t try to kill her rather just win over her.

Do not worry if you don’t know Tamil this movie comes with subtitles in many languages and is available on Amazon Prime. Go watch it and let us know your review in the comment section.

Movie Review: అలా వైకుంటపురం…. Ala vaikuntapuram is Sankranthi Block buster

Its a hattrick for the Hero-Director combination Allu Arjun & Trivikram. Ala Vaikuntapuram released for Sankranthi has hit theatres today and reached its expectations.

Allu Arjun once again with his comedy and timing has done a great job which makes us remember Race Gurram Allu Arjun. Although its just the performance, not the storyline that has in common among these two movies.

So if you go for this movie you will have double the joy for your money.

Telugu movie Ala Vaikuntapuramlo.

అలా వైకుంటపురం…. అలా బావుంది…

ఈ సంక్రంతికి విడుదల అయిన “అలా వైకుంటపురం” దర్శకుడు త్రివిక్రమ్ గారి మార్క్ కి ఏ మాత్రం తగ్గకుండా తెరకెక్కించారు. ఈ సినిమాను స్టైలిష్ స్టార్ అల్లు అర్జున్ తన నటనతో మరోసారి రేసుగుర్రం లాంటి ఫ్యామిలి చిత్రాన్ని అందించారు.

మీరు కనుక ఈ చిత్రానికి వెళ్తే మీ టెక్కెటకు పెట్టిన డబ్బులుకు రెండింతలు ఆనందిస్తారు.


Telugu movie ala vaikuntapuramlo

India win series 2-1 in the series decider

India chases a tricky 300+ score at Cuttack with the top 3 contributing once again with their half-centuries. Captain Virat Kohli was adjudged man of the match for his vital 85 runs which indeed guided the team when the openers departed after a century-plus stand.

Also, Rohit Sharma was awarded man of the series and he also end has the highest run-getter in ODIs this year. Earlier West Indies scored 100+runs in their last 10 overs to set a target of 316 for the hosts to chase. Pollard and Pooran had 100plus stand in quick time to take West Indies to a formidable total.

వైజాగ్ వన్డేను 107 పరుగుల తేడాతో గెలిచిన భారత్‌

టాస్ ఓడిపోయిన భారత్ మొదటి 50 ఓవర్లలో 387 పరుగులు చేసింది. రోహిత్ తన 8వ 150+ స్కోరు నమోదు చేయగా, రాహుల్ సెంచరీ చేశాడు.మొదటి వికెట్ కు ఈ ద్వయం 200+ పరుగులని జోడించింది.

శ్రేయాస్ అయ్యర్ వరుసగా నాలుగో అర్ధ సెంచరీ సాధించాడు, వైట్-బాల్ క్రికెట్లో తన ఫామ్ను కొనసాగించాడు. మరో ఎండలో పంత్‌ 16 బంతుల్లో 39 పరుగులు చేశాడు. ఒక దశలో ఈ జంట రెండు ఓవర్లలో 55 పరుగులు జోడించారు, ఇది భారీ స్కోరును చేయడంలో సహాయపడింది.

తరువాత షమీ, కుల్దీప్ చక్కగా బంతులు సంధించడంతో త్వరితగతిన తమ వికెట్లను వెస్టిండీస్ బ్యాట్స్ మెన్ సమర్పించుకున్నారు. షమీ వరుసగా రెండు వికెట్లు, కుల్దీప్ తన రెండవ హాట్రిక్ సాధించాడు, అలా చేసిన మొదటి భారతీయుడు.

తరువాతి మ్యాచ్‌లో భార వారి ఫీల్డింగను మెరుగుపరచాలని కృతనిశ్చయంతో ఉంది. వారు ఇప్పటికే చాలా క్యాచ్‌లను వదులుకున్నారు. చాలా క్యాచ్‌లను వదులుకోవడంతో ఈ మ్యాచ్‌లో ఫీల్డింగ్లో ఎటువంటి మెరుగుదల కనిపించలేదు.

India win 2nd ODI at Vizag by 107 runs

India after losing the toss and asked to bat first posted a mammoth total of 387 from their 50 overs. Rohit scores his 8th 150+score, Rahul scored a century. This duo added 200+ for the opening stand.

Shreyas Iyer scoring his fourth consecutive half-century continues his purple patch in white-ball cricket. At the other end was Pant who looked in his recent best scored quick 39 of 16 balls. At one stage these two added 55 runs in two overs which helped in setting up a huge score.

Later Shami and Kuldeep bowled well to unsettle West Indies batsmen who fell in quick succession to these bowlers. While Shami picked two in two and Kuldeep got his second hattrick and is the first Indian to do so.

One minus point India would love to tick in the next match is their fielding. They had already dropped many catches and they do not have proof to show any improvement in this match as they dropped catches again.

India defeats Bangladesh in first test in 3 days

Indian pace trio Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, and Ishant Sharma collectively denied any fight from Bangladeshi batsmen. All the three picking up 14 out of the 20 wickets. Surprisingly Ravindra Jadeja goes wicketless and Ravi Ashwin bags 5 wickets.

India declared their first innings at 493 which was the overnight score. Mayank Agarwal with his 243 outscored Bangladesh score in their both innings.

If there is any negative or areas to be improved for India is the number of catches dropped. It would have been done and dusted early had the Indian fielders held on to all their catches.

With this win, Kohli(10) now has the most number of innings wins for India after Dhoni who has 9 wins. Also, India stands top in the ICC Test championship table at a distance from other teams.

The second test of the series and the first day/night test going to be played with the pink ball in Kolkata is on focus as its new of its kind.