All you need to know about the new Education policy

Government of India has made some changes to the country’s Education policy. These are some major changes and from the outset personally it seems they might improve the education system in India. After reading the article comment below to voice your opinion.

Key points:

  1. Mandatory medium of instruction to be ether in mother tongue or regional language till grade 5 and preferably till grade 8.
  2. 6% of GDP allocation to education sector against the previous 2%(=~1.7%)
  3. The present 10+2 structure will be changed to 5+3+3+4.
  4. Assessment through exams only in classes 3, 5 and 8 but not every year. Other years will take into consideration the parameters like Analytical skills, conceptual clarity and critical thinking.
  5. Students will have the flexibility of choosing subjects.
  6. Every student will be encouraged to learn at least one vocational skill.
  7. Schools will now have bagless days to encourage activities like arts, quizzes, sports etc.
  8. Common entrance for university examinations.
  9. Report card will not just have their marks but also their skills.
  10. Coding to be introduced from class 6th.

Below are the main differences from the current education policy:

Old policyNew Education policy
3.1 % of GDP in budget allocation.6% of GDP allocation in budget
Old schooling structure was 10+2Now its 5+3+3+4
Bachelor program has 3 years and Master’s has 2 years5 years integrated Bachelor’s/Master’s study
Separate entrance test for admission into various universitiesCommon entrance examination for admission into universities
Medium of instruction depends on administration Medium of instruction is mandated to mother tongue/home language until class 5 or preferably until class 8
Vocational skills training was limited By 2025 at least 50% of learners to have exposure on vocational skills.
Coding is introduced after 10th grade depending on syllabus and education board.Coding will be introduced from 6th grade.
Subjects are fixed in board exams.Students can choose the subjects in board exams.

Thank you for reading.

Hope this new policy changes our countries education system and brings more bright future to our citizens.