15 year old Bihar girl cycles her father for a 1200 km ride

There are have been many astonishing incidents that happened in country due to lock-down like the walking of the poor migrants from one state to another. But this news takes it to another level where a 15 year girl rides along with her father on cycle for a 1200 KM long journey from Delhi to Bihar.

So like every lower class citizen in the country has become unemployed due to lock-down, this girls father also lost his only livelihood of driving auto-rickshaw. Due to lock-down and requirement of money for eating, shelter has become unbearable for them.

So she decided to do the unthinkable. She cycled all the way taking his father on the cycle, who reportedly is known to have a injured leg.

After this incident came to light Cycle federation has given a call for the trails with them. Also many celebrities are pouring in their support through social media. This one incident proves that no matter what it is, the worst will bring the best out of you.

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